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FRC(Frame Rate Converter)기능을 보유한 AD BOARD
AD BOARD with FRC(Frame Rate Converter) function

    ※ FRC BOARD(Frame Rate Converter)란? AD Board의 일반적인 영상신호는 60Hz방식인데 FRC(Frame Rate Converter) Board는 일반적인 영상신호 사이에 동일 영상을 한번 더 뿌려주어(Scan) 응답속도가 느린 LCD Panel의 잔상을 효과적으로 제거해 주는 기술입니다.
    TFT LCD Panel이 120Hz가 지원되는 제품에만 사용 가능한 제품입니다.

    The general video signal of AD Board is 60Hz method. FRC (Frame Rate Converter) Board is a technology that effectively eliminates the afterimage of LCD Panel with slow response speed by spraying the same image again between normal video signals.
    This product is only available for products that support 120Hz TFT LCD Panel.

선명하고 생동감 있는 영상화면(고해상도) 출력 가능한 QHD
Vivid and lively video screen(high resolution) output possible QHD
    - 4 채널 지원 가능 / Supports 4 channels
    - QHD 패널 지원 가능 / Supports QHD panel
    - 120Hz FHD 패널도 지원 가능 / 120Hz FHD panel is also supported

    ※ QHD란? 해상도 2560 x 1440 이상의 픽셀 수를 지원하는 디스플레이 규격. 기존 일반 고선명(HD)보다 약 4배, 풀에이치디(Full HD) 규격보다 약 2배 선명한 화질을 제공한다. 높아진 해상도만큼 더 많은 픽셀로 그래픽을 구현할 수 있어 더욱 선명하고 정확한 색상을 표현할 수 있다.
    [출처:네이버 지식백과]

    Resolution A display specification that supports a pixel count of 2560 x 1440 or higher. It provides approximately 4 times the original high definition (HD) and twice as high as the full HD specification. The graphics can be implemented with more pixels at higher resolution, resulting in sharper, more accurate color representation. LCD panel with 4 times higher resolution than normal HD. Pixels per inch are 538ppi on a 5.5-inch panel. Because QHD implements more graphics than pixels, it has greater color, contrast, and sharpness than regular displays, which means you can enjoy high-resolution photos and Blu-ray quality images more vividly. In addition, the range of images that can be displayed on the screen is widened, and the characters appear sharp and clear even when the screen is enlarged greatly.

PIP(Picture in Picture) / PBP(Picture by Picture) 기능
PIP(Picture in Picture) / PBP(Picture by Picture) Function